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Why companies choose coworking over traditional offices in the new normal?

27, December 2023

While the work landscape adapts to the recent pandemic, companies are recognising the irks of traditional office spaces, in terms of costs, flexibility and accessibility. As the country gradually achieves a level of normalcy against a new economic narrative, how can companies arm themselves better to brave potential uncertainties in the near future? 

What they need is a fresh perspective of work, one that is strategically long-term and smarter 

By that, we mean coworking. In what ways is it a better leverage than traditional office spaces?  

1. Cost-effective

What traditional lease agreements do not provide companies is the ability to cut costs. These not only include those of rent, but also the resources needed to keep the space operationally-ready for employees. We are referring to utilities, furniture, equipment, pantryt essentials and all the necessities for a full-fledged office.  

A coworking space like JustCo’s absorbs your operational costs at a favourable and budget-matching monthly fee. Your employees gain access to a host of office essentials, from a fully-stocked pantry through to ergonomically-friendly hot desks and well-furnished meeting rooms. Hot desking or booking a private suite is surely an ideal solution for growing startups, independent entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, enterprises can also benefit from a ‘core and flex’ strategy, which comprises a smaller long-term space and a flexible coworking office. This allows for easy scaling without having to incur more costs which traditional office leases often entail.  

2. Promises flexibility in scaling

On the note of scaling, coworking hits the spot. Whether you need to upgrade to a private studio or want to downsize your plan to a smaller suite or just a few hot desks, you can do so at no additional cost. With multiple plans to suit various needs at different phases of your business, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay extra for unused space nor spend an enormous sum expanding your workstation as you otherwise would in a fit-out project. 

3. Offers convenience

Any coworking plan you choose lets your employees into not just one but a total of 5 locations all over Korea. Such convenience allows employees flexibility in choosing where they can work – perhaps nearer to a client’s office, a kid’s school or one’s home. They can hop into any centre they find suitable, and have access to all the amenities they need at their fingertips.  

4. Provides a one-stop office solution 

What amenities you may ask? We spoke of the full-fledged office earlier – simply put, the coworking space is designed for productive work, at a more conducive price than the traditional lease. At a fraction of the cost, you get a well-functioning office with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, IT support, printing facilities, mail handling services, office supplies, cleaning and more. Not forgetting, there’s the shared pantry fully stocked with tea and coffee for a well-deserved break. Breakout and entertainment areas also provide the respite your employees need from a busy workday, which can turn into opportunities of networking and collaboration with other fellow members.   

5. Surprises with members-only perks 

On top of what is offered in our coworking spaces across Seoulmembers also enjoy exclusive perks from a range of business partners. These include discounted plans from Amazon Web Services, Modusign and Shiftee as well as lifestyle perks courtesy of brands like Lenovo and KMI. That means you not only get to enjoy a cost-effective, fully-fitted office space but also additional leverage to grow your business in a way you never imagined before. 

It goes without saying that coworking is the future of work  if you’re reevaluating your office space requirements, get in touch with our flexible workspace specialists to learn how we can help to streamline your business operations. 

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