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Is Your Workspace Ready For Gen Z?

25, October 2022

In a global study fielded by Adobe, not only is Gen Z becoming the dominant consumer group and drivers of the woke culture, but they are also expected to make up 27 per cent of the workforce by 2025. Companies and brands have to appeal to this generation if they want to stay relevant and competitive within their industries.

But, what are these young adults looking for in a company? It’s crucial to understand the aspects of Gen Z so that you can develop ways to make your company more appealing to them for work.

Who Is Generation Z? 

People born between 1997 and around 2012 are part of Gen Z. Born into a world that was already heavily immersed in technology, Gen Z, unlike the baby boomers and millennials before them, have been exposed to vastly different experiences. As such, Gen Z is known for being socially conscious, prioritising work-life balance, and of course, being technologically savvier when compared to the other generations before them. Often referred to as a “digital native”, Gen Z bask in extremely sophisticated digital experiences – personalised shopping habits and social media. Hence, it should come as no surprise that Gen Z holds the same expectations for the prospective company they will work in.

And if that’s not enough, the pandemic has also accelerated the digital transformation of workspaces in any way. Companies now face real pressure to modernise how they work to accommodate Gen Z that are about to join the workforce.

While diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility are key concerns for Gen Z, many of them are struggling with mental health issues – 8 in 10 Thais have experienced mental health issues in just January to June 2022, and of them, 48% are Gen Z. The results cite the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic coupled with a persistent sense of crisis and social stigmas that have exacerbated the worsening of mental health of many Gen Z.

The Future Of Work

As we draw insights from the preferences and behaviours of the newest generation entering the workforce, we also have to shift our perspectives and look at how “work” on its own is changing and evolving with the times. These new realities produced by the forces of societal changes present many companies and business owners with complex questions to consider. Some of these include the ethics centring around human-machine collaboration, planning career progressions for the ageing workforce, and not forgetting the continuum of talent sources that businesses can tap into. As the world continues to progress, the future of work will require employees who have many talents, interests, and areas of knowledge.

So what does Gen Z want out of their jobs? The answer is rather nuanced and points to various possibilities like staggered workdays to cater to the ebbs and flows of productivity and a hybrid work setup. But there’s more to that than just flexible schedules.

Many Gen Z is also motivated by enjoyable work with foreseeable career progression – promotion based on merit, career advancements, and meaningful recognition are some of the biggest motivators. Factors such as poor work-life balance from remote working and minimum vacation days have a high chance of contributing to Gen Z quitting their jobs.

What Does This Mean For Employers

Gen Z has a lot to offer their employers – digitally savvy, socially conscious world views and higher levels of education. Hence, to ensure that your company and workspace are ready to support your Gen Z employees, it’s important to focus on mental health policies, meaningful diversity and inclusitivity, as well as mentorship.

That means developing robust training and leadership programmes with a real and tangible focus on diversity. You can offer internal apprenticeship programmes or create latticed career paths and multiple work formats. Additionally, you can also consider adopting hybrid work strategies that might appeal to your team or employees.

Every generation comes with its challenges, which Gen Z currently faces are daunting. But, with them comes a chance for a better future for themselves, older workers, and the generation after.

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